Sample Specification:

The 316 series stainless steel bolts and nuts meeting the minimum AWWA C228-08 4.1.3 ASTM F593G, ASTM 594H, ASTM A193 B8 or that specified on plans shall have both male and female threaded surfaces completely coated with Never Gall coating.  

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The coating shall have a tensile strength of 50 KSI at ambient temperature. 
The coating shall consist of a base of Molybdenum Disulfide Coating that is factory attached to the complete surface of the bolt and nut. 
The coating shall have an Optional Written Limited Lifetime Warranty against galling or seizing when used under normal manufacturers 
recommendations of installation for the stainless steel bolt and nut. 
The coating shall withstand temperatures ranging from –320 Deg. F to +600 Deg. F and up to +2100 deg. F in the absence of 
The stainless steel bolt and nut coating shall not have any additional chemical compounds applied to it upon installation. 
Paints such as 2 part epoxy shall be able to be applied over the molybdenum disulfide coating.
Molybdenum Disulfide coating will allow easy removal of 2 part epoxy paint, Concrete or Tar after full cure by unscrewing the nut with manual or impact wrenches without any additional attention given to the applied epoxy paint, Concrete or Tar.  
Stainless steel bolts and nuts when coated shall withstand, thread dings and dents, dirt or debris in threads.
Stainless steel bolts and nuts can be installed with impact drivers or manual torque wrenches to the recommended torque without seizing or galling the threads.
Coating shall withstand moderate acids and not effect the performance of the coating.