Never Gall testing with NHRA's Terry McMillan's Amalie Oil top fuel drag racing team lead by Crew Chief Richard Hartman.
Owner / Driver Terry McMillan and Crew 
Never Gall Coating on 4 
Engine Head Studs as of Nov.3rd 2014 have ran 18 Runs and are still showing little signs of wear.
Never Gall holding up Tough to 10,000+ Horsepower at  
160 ft/lbs of 
torque and vibration on 9/16th inch diameter Engine Studs Helping to solve an Industry issue.  

Never Gall
 ​Serving the Water & Waste Water Industry 

​Never Gall
45 On/Off
No Failure

Project For
Pipe & Valve
Shorewood, Illinois
For Tinley Park
Illinois, Leads to Powerseal Pipeline Products offering Never Gall as an option on all products.
2014-2015 NHRA SEASON

​Never Gall at Aqua operated plant at Ingalls, Indiana
will save on capital costs by reuse on meters.
Fittings that require future removal for cleaning and maintenance Are ideal places to use Never Gall.
Elkhart Indiana Water Department
Using Never Gall on Their seasonal meters that need constant seasonal removal. Saving on future capital expenditures.
Never Gall 316 S/S Nappanee, Indiana 
WWTP lift station will provide years of trouble free service.
Never Gall silica sand test. when we say sand is no deterrent we mean it! Small amounts of sand will not seize with Never Gall during installation.
Jeff Leeke Sr. Tests Never Gall on Dirt track at Florence, KY.