Making 300 Series Stainless Steel Workable !
Guaranteed !

Mr. Walter,

I just want to say that your Never Gall bolts we have purchased are an exceptional product. We are using the product in our meter pits and outdoor meter settings. We fully trust this product to maintain usability and function in any adverse condition.

Ryan Palenchar
Service Department Coordinator
Water Operator Lic#024256
City of Elkhart, IN.


As you know, we specified Never Gall on all of our 300 series nuts and bolts when we replaced eight valves in our water treatment plant. Since we had to completely shutdown the plant for each valve installation, speed was a very important consideration. Each one of our filters required a new 6" flow control valve, an upper flange, a 90 degree bend, a spacer and a 6" actuated butterfly valve. This required wrenching a lot of nuts and bolts. 
We started thinking about doing just one filter at a time. Since all of the filters are connected through a common pipe, we had to drain all of the filters each time we replaced a valve. This took a lot of time and wasted a lot of water. What we found was, with the Never Gall nuts and bolts, we were able to get everything bolted together much more quickly than I had anticipated. 
No wasted time putting on anti-seize, no messy cleanup before repainting, no worrying about seizing because someone missed a bolt with anti seize compound and we discovered super fast spin on of the nut without wrenches.
 The job was scheduled for eight days and was completed in just three. Based on our experience with the first valve, we decided to do three more the next day. We then did the final four installations in a single day the very next week. This saved countless hours of repeatedly draining filters wasting thousands of gallons of water. Due to the ease and speed of Never Gall, we estimated that we saved 60,000 Gallons of water by not having to drain, refill and purge the filter tanks as much as planned. Never Gall nuts and bolts were fool proof and easily paid for themselves on this project. I will continue to use Never Gall nuts and bolts any time I need a 300 series bolt. 

​Randy McVay
Aqua Indiana
Ingalls, Indiana

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